Abstract: Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common diseases in the world. Along with damage to the kidneys, the disease carries great risks for the cardiovascular, endocrine and other systems of the body. The review presents the latest views and research data on this problem, as well as modern therapeutic solutions for the […]

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Abstract: In this paper updated value of endothelial dysfunction (ED) in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular system diseases. Its main manifestation is a violation of the bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO). The only substrate for NO synthesis is L-arginine. Representative of this class of drugs is Tivortin containing the optimal daily concentration of L-arginine. Key words: […]

The need to increase sport achievements in the setting of ever-increasing competition and approximation of the functional capabilities of the human body to the border of reserve mechanisms make us seek new ways to stimulate physical performance and psycho-emotional stability of athletes.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Ukraine. According to official data, the fraction of cardiovascular mortality within the structure of overall mortality is 63%.

Atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease (CHD) are the chief causes of mortality in the developed countries. Almost entire adult population of these countries suffers from atherosclerosis.

Накопленный опыт и появление новых диагностических возможностей привели к важному выводу: ИБС женщины болеют не только не реже, но даже чаще мужчин.

Цереброваскулярные заболевания чаще встречаются у пациентов с сахарным диабетом 2 типа, в патогенезе которых значительную роль играет эндотелиальная дисфункция. L-аргинин как донатор оксида азота влияет на цереброваскулярную реактивность, тем самым улучшая мозговой кровоток.