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Erectile dysfunction is a constant or recurrent inability of a man to develop and/or maintain an erection that is sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction in man can be a precursor symptom of cardiovascular pathology.

‘It’s a normal aging process’, many men think and they are wrong. Why is it important to pay attention to erectile dysfunction? ‘Firstly, erectile problems may be indicative of cardiovascular diseases’, says Dr. Timothy Boone, an expert in the field, the Head of Urology department at Houston Methodist Hospital, USA. ‘For example, erectile dysfunction is rather often accompanied by atherosclerosis. And the connection between erectile dysfunction and type 2 diabetes is the subject of hundreds of scientific studies.’

The problem of erectile dysfunction can be viewed also from another point: 25% of erectile dysfunction cases are associated with adverse reactions to medicinal products used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (MMaS, 1994). Primarily, it is about diuretic agents and cholesterol-lowering medications (statins and fibrates). It is highly important for the person to receive treatment as assigned by his/her doctor, which should not be interrupted spontaneously due to the occurrence of the above-mentioned undesirable effect.

Effects seen with the use of Tivortin® Aspartate